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Recent e-Payment Orders
ePO DateEPO IDPayment idPayment RequesterCredit A/C IFSCReceiver AccountAmountPayment ReceiverPayment TypeComponentSub ComponentePO Created By
09/03/2018110011100011test mtSBIN00000001010101010 100Test mt [Old Age Homes]OthersDistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDP BHOPAL
01/03/2018110010100010test mtSBIN00000001010101010 10000Test mt [Old Age Homes]WorksDistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDP BHOPAL
24/02/2018110009100009Mangalam Ran Baserasbin000117834523453245 7777777AgencyGuna [Ran Basera]VehicleDay care centre Management of Day care centreDDP GUNA
24/02/2018110008100008test mtsbin000117834523453245 123456AgencyGuna [Old Age Homes]VehicleOld age homeManagement of old age home DDP GUNA
19/02/2018110007100007DDRC Guna District Hospitalsbin000126211111111111111111111123456DDRC Guna District Hospital [DDRC]WorksRain Basera Rain Basera DDP GUNA
12/02/2018110006100006AgencyBsbin000117820126548777 200000AgencyA [DDRC]WorksAdministrative disbursementStationary District Office Tikamgarh
12/02/2018110005100005Mangalam Ran BaseraSBIN000724220126849001 200001Meena NGO [Ran Basera]WorksDay care centre Management of Day care centreDistrict Office Tikamgarh
12/02/2018110004100004AgencyAsbin000117820126548777 200000AgencyA [DDRC]WorksOld age homeImproving infrastructure of old age homeDistrict Office Tikamgarh
12/02/2018110004100003AgencyBsbin000117820126548777 200001AgencyA [DDRC]WorksOld age homeImproving infrastructure of old age homeDistrict Office Tikamgarh
11/02/2018110003100002DDRC BhopalSBIN000724220126849999 12000Shri Gopal Old Age Day Care Centre [DDRC]VehicleDistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryGHSS PT.R.S.Girls SAGAR