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Recent e-Payment Orders
ePO DateEPO IDPayment idPayment RequesterCredit A/C IFSCReceiver AccountAmountPayment ReceiverPayment TypeComponentSub ComponentePO Created By
23/10/201823352021349Dy Director Social Justice Chhatarpur MPSBIN000162810589296752 500I A Khan [Staff - Office]NAOtherOther DDP CHHATARPUR
23/10/201823352021348Dy Director Social Justice Chhatarpur MPCBIN02833441532106776 1890Shrimati Kalpna Jain Arihant Handlum Chhatarpur [Supplier]NAOtherOther DDP CHHATARPUR
22/10/201823351921347District Disability Rehabilitation Centre ASKNCBIN02833803326803565 8000Amol Singh Sehriya [Choukidar]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDP ASHOKNAGAR
22/10/201823351921346District Disability Rehabilitation Centre ASKNCBIN02833803326802710 7000Kishor Singh Adivasi [Peon]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDP ASHOKNAGAR
22/10/201823351921345District Disability Rehabilitation Centre ASKNCBIN02833803326806861 12000Vijay Mishra [Accountant]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDP ASHOKNAGAR
22/10/201823351921344District Disability Rehabilitation Centre ASKNCBIN02833803326805109 20000Hariom Kumar Saini [Audiologist]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDP ASHOKNAGAR
22/10/201823351921343District Disability Rehabilitation Centre ASKNCBIN02833803326804354 20000Harish Kumar Bhargava [Senior Physiotherapist]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDP ASHOKNAGAR
22/10/201823351821342Dy Director Social Justice Department AshoknagarCBIN02833803334278568 9610Rinkesh Kewat [Staff - Office]NAExpenditure as per Rule 11 of Nirashit NidhiManagement expenditure DDP ASHOKNAGAR
22/10/201823351821341Dy Director Social Justice Department AshoknagarPUNB01387001387000100042211 10910Devicharan Mishra [Labour]NAExpenditure as per Rule 11 of Nirashit NidhiManagement expenditure DDP ASHOKNAGAR
22/10/201823351721340SOCIAL JUSTICE INDOREBARB0DEPALP53950100003323 2600CEO JANPAD PANCHYAT DEPALPUR [Govt. Office]NAOtherOther DDP INDORE
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